Tuesday, April 19, 2011

virada cultural 2011 [revisited]

there was nothing i was dying to see. lots of interesting attractions, but nothing really worth seeing. well, that's just me saying. yet, there i was again. and like all the other times i was there i had the same feeling: well, how nice to be here! i could´ve planned what i was going to see but this time i decided to just walk around and see what was gonna happen. the home base was leo's place, just like last year. it's nice to be there, to see good friends you usually meet up once or twice a year. sad in a way, but that's what it is. looking over the window one could catch a glimpse of what was happening on palco são joão, one of the many stages all over downtown. it felt good to be there, to see the many bands playing afro and latin rhythms, and the reggae people with their movements, their dancing and their style, and to be with people you like. skatalites was the one i enjoyed most. really nice vibe if i'm to say.
after some hours sleep and a nice wash up, on the streets of a sunny and hot sunday morning i was. this time by myself. i headed towards vale do anhangabaú just on time to see beatles 4ever starting to play the white album vol.1. thumbs up! the birds flying low over the stage to the sound of dear prudence and while my guitar gently weeps. special moment! and also as gently came the afternoon. the band playing the abbey road album and it's really hard not to say that this is one of the best albums of all times. big thumbs up for something and the best one: i want you (she's so heavy). fantastic!

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