Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Eat of the apple so young... [Jar of Flies - AIC - 1994]

One thing should be said: Alice in Chains` EP Jar of Flies is the right fit for this soaky Tuesday morning. Ranging from dark, depressive songs like Rotten Apple to the more upbeat anthems like No Excuses, the album shows the band's versatility and broad musical scope. Recorded right after their extensive world tour for Dirt, when they went back to Seattle and found themselves evicted after failing to pay the rent, Jar of Flies took only a week to be finished. Yeah, fellow! Some masterpieces take a lifetime to complete, some take a week.

That's the shit! One of the best music videos ever! watch it and see for yourself.

I Stay Away is notably softer than the previous recordings on both Facelift and Dirt. However, despite the bright opening guitar riff and verse, the song's pre-chorus suddenly detours into dark, sludgy electric guitar and a haunting vocal harmony. The chorus then reintroduces the upbeat tones with powerfully long-drawn vocals and anxious violins. A hard rock electric guitar solo then plays amidst the bright acoustic section. The track also uses a great deal of instrumentation that Alice in Chains had previously not attempted, including horns and string instruments. It also effectively demonstrates the harmony between vocalist Layne Staley and guitarrist Jerry Cantrell. [source: wikipedia]

Jar of Flies - tracklist

1. Rotten Apple
2. Nutshell
3. I Stay Away
4. No Excuses
5. Whale & Wasp
6. Don't Follow
7. Swing on This

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