Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Commuting - Bike your drive

It took me some time but I finally gathered up the courage to commute by bike. Saturday morning - I had gone to bed kinda early the night before - I woke up by 5:30 (yeah, I know you don't believe it), had a good breakfast, got packed (you know, class material, a clean t-shirt to get changed when getting at school, and the like) and off I went, leaving home at 6:45. The 7.2-km route from home to work if full of ups and downs but it was easier than I thought. (click here to see the route map)

As I got there 1 hour before I start work, I went on a ride around the neighborhood to take some pictures. Cool graffiti I found!. Here they are.
Below: Bar do Alemão at the background. (top-left corner). Great place!


BiLL said...

Everywhere I go in Vila Matilde I see this rabbit guy...that's really creepy stuff

Ricardo Campanille said...
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Ricardo Campanille said...

I know well, ride a bike in São Paulo is not easy, but is something that makes us feel free, young, healthy, powerfull, because is like a challenge.
I love do it. In spite of there's no much pleasure when you have to breath polluted air, to look at a predominantly grey landscape, to contend a small room on the streets against the vehicles, to face holes everywhere, that sucks!
It's our reality.
To do something you like you need to accept the sacrificies.