Wednesday, March 21, 2012

jello biafra and the guantanamo school of medicine [discografia]

the audacity of hype (2009)
selo: alternative tentacles
jello biafra (vocals), ralph spight (guitars), jon weiss (drums), billy gould (bass), kimo ball (guitars).

1. the terror of tinytown
2. clean as a thistle
3. new feudalism
4. panic land
5. electronic plantation
6. three strikes
7. strength thru shopping
8. pets eat their master
9. i won't give up

enhanced methods of questioning (2011)
selo: alternative tentacles

1. dot com monte carlo
2. the cells that will not die
3. victory stinks
4. invastion of the mind snatchers
5. miracle penis highway
6. metamorphosis exploration on deviation street jam

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Enio Everton said...

Billy Gould no baixo??? :)